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Interlocking Driveways & Patios


Why Choose Forma 

Reliable | Professional | Affordable

5 Year Warranty! 

We offer a 5 Year labor warranty on all of our driveways and patios. As well as a 2 year Polly sand replacement warranty! Weed free guaranteed! 

Toughest  & Most Versatile 

When installed correctly, interlocking is hands down the toughest, longest lasting solution for your driveway. Better looking than asphalt without the cracking of concrete. 

Affordability of Asphalt 

Looking for the affordability of asphalt but the beaty of Interlocking pavers? We offer asphalt / paver hybrid solutions.  

15% off Maintenance! 

Like every material, interlock does require maintenance from time to time. When you choose Forma for your driveway, you can leave the maintenance to us. Enjoy 15% off sealing and Polly sand for the life of the patio. 

Grace Baird - Fergus

The gentleman at Forma Landscape & Design did the most incredible job in my backyard!!
They turned what used to be a dangerous hill, into a beautiful staircase. This has drastically improved the utility of the yard.

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